7 Best Golf Push Carts Reviews 2017 [Unbiased Reviews]

This article is all about best golf push carts Reviews in 2017. We regularly update this for the sake of our  valuable readers

Finding the Best Golf Push Cart by playing Rock-Paper-Scissor game is impossible. As there is a wide range of Golf Push Carts and Pull carts in the market, and you have to consider some things before you pay some bucks for it. We had noticed that many of the golfers just buy a cart without knowing the features. Come on; it’s your carrier (Which probably carry your equipment throughout your Career). Before starting reviewing, We just want to say “Golf is an Elite Sport, and a Golf Cart is an integral Part of the Eliteness.” At the end of the article, you will be able to find the best cart that meets your criteria.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Golf Push Cart

If you want to buy the best golf push cart, you must keep in mind these following considerations. Otherwise, you won’t be able to make best out of your bucks.

Wheel: Golf push cart is a three wheeler vehicle. Usually, all kind of wheel rolls smoothly on solid. But, you need to roll a golf push cart on the field. So, the radius of the wheel will help you to move better and quick. If the radius of the wheel is large, it will move quickly. A large round potential wheel will give you a great experience.

Seat: In a sunny golfing day, you may need rest. Having a push golf cart with a seat will be a wise choice then. Some golf cart has the feature to add a removable seat. You can add and remove the seat according to your necessary.

Handle: The movement of a push cart depends on pushing or pulling through the hand. So, it should be gripped well. A well-gripped handle is a comfortable and natural position.

Folding: Nowadays, all golf push cart can be folded when it is not in use. The old model has not this feature. A golf cart can be folded automatically of manually. The automatic cart will have a switch. You can fold it by pressing the switch. Manual one needs to fold manually.

Brake: Some pull-push cart has brake mechanism. It helps you to keep the cart at where you want to keep it. There has a cable hand brake. By pulling the cable, you can slow down the motion of the cart. Some golf ground is over a rugged mountain. A golf push cart with brake will helps you to down slowly from the hilly place.

Keeping optional accessories: A perfect push golf cart will have some place to keep your small accessories like an umbrella, water bottle holder, gear compartment, etc. Besides, there will have an equipment holder to keep your mobile phone, headphone or any other small equipment.

Price: Above all, pricing is also important. Though new push cart is durable, a little bit costly. But, the good news is- used push golf cart is also available in the market. . Let’s see some popular push-pull golf cart brand below-

Types of Golf Carts:

There are many types of golf push cart for different kinds of use. Such as-

Electronic Golf Cart: This type of push cart is run through electricity. There has a rechargeable battery as the power supply. It features a motor that can drive and recharge the battery with electricity. You will get up to 6 seated electronic golf cart in the market.

Remote Control Golf Trolly: There is some Pull-push golf cart that can be controlled from a remote area.That means- you don’t need to control them manually. They are powered by a battery. They contain high remote control mechanism technology.

Gas power golf cart: The gas power golf cart is like a regular car that uses unleaded gasoline as power. This type of golf cart is very powerful and potential. They need high maintenance. They are noisier than an electric golf cart but hi-speedy. Gas powered golf cart is used for a special purpose like a tournament.

Best Golf Push Carts Reviews: 

Here we ar going to introduce you the golf push carts reviews respectively. By going through each review, you will be able to take your decision easily, which golf push cart you should buy.

Clicgear 3.5+ Golf Push Cart Review

The compact design award winner is the Clicgear 3.5+ Push cart; compact 3 wheel golf push cart. It can fold 13 inches by 15 inches by 24 inches. The wrapped body creates a smart smaller structure. Moreover, it is lightweight, only 18 pounds, will help you to easy movement. It is made of scratch and rust resistant aluminum tubing.

It has a comfortable well-gripped handle. When you fold the push cart, the handle will perfectly adjust the angle of the cart. It will help you to roll the cart. There is an upgraded handle brake with push button. You don’t need to use foot paddle. It has a little flip switch that needs a very low energy to use the brake.

The foam wheel is decent and adjustable. No need to use air in the tire. You can fold the both wheel at the time of folding the body. The rubberized tire can smoothly move on the hilly mountain, slippery place, even in rush area. Moreover, the wheel is durable. Besides, it contains a large umbrella storage and a large removable cup holder for keeping cup and bottle.

Important features:

  • Made of scratch resist aluminum.
  • Lightweight; only 18 pounds
  • Comfortable gripped handle
  • Free airless folding tire


  • Easy to handle
  • Effortless and compact
  • Can carry different type of accessories


  • Tough to assemble/reassemble for novice

CaddyTek EZ-Fold 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart Review

The design of Caddytek EZ-Fold golf push cart is marvelous and mind blowing. It has some special features like two button process to fold the card as well as the foot lock system. The two button process system allows you to fold the cart by pressing the button once in two simple steps. It is an automated process. You don’t need to give extra energy to push the button. 

It is made of strong, lightweight rust and scratch resistant stainless steel.But, the cart is not so heavy. The handle of the cart is well-gripped. So, it is extremely comfortable to push or pull the cart. The cart contains good quality airless rubberized tire. So, it can smoothly roll on any place without making any harsh noise. And it keeps perfect balance on everywhere.


There are some extra facilities of the cart like- you can add a removable seat on the cart. Besides, there is a built-in cooler basket. The umbrella holder can hold a large size umbrella. There has a storage rack. Besides, a mesh net on the handle can use for keeping small accessories.

Important features: 

  • Made of lightweight aluminum
  • Two simple steps with push button to fold
  • Adjustable gripped handle
  • Foot lock system


  • Nice and compact
  • Fold easily
  • Don’t think about reassembling


  • Folded position you need a bungee cord
  • Little unwieldy to open

Bag Boy Quad XL Golf Cart Review

The Bag Boy offers this excellent four wheeler golf push cart with many excellent facilities. As it is a four wheeler pushcart the balance of the cart is very great. The wheels are solid. They roll smoothly and don’t get flat. You don’t need to use air for the tire. They are potential and swift. The main body is made of aluminum. So, it is scratch resist and rusts free.

There is a push button to fold the cart automatically. Simply to step fold and it will fold in second. The folded dimensions of the cart are 24-inch height, 17-inch wide and 16-inch. The front wheel is 9.5 inch and the rear wheel is 11.5 inch. This combination helps the cart move easily. It contains user-friendly arms lock. So, you can keep it stable in a particular place.

The cart has an adjustable gripped handle. There the parking brake located. Besides, it holds the scorecard holder, a separate compartment to keep golf ball as well as mobile phone. Moreover, the cart has an umbrella holder. Even there is some compartment to keep small accessories, water bottle and so on.  Last but not the least, the Bag Boy XL Quad golf cart is lightweight.


  • Made of aluminum
  • Automatic two-step folding
  • Contains arms lock and parking brake
  • Four Wheeler. So balance well


  • Lightweight. Only 16 pounds
  • Easy to execute
  • Simple brake system
  • Faster folded and unfolded


  • Little tough for newer to execute

Spin It Golf Products GCPro II Push Golf Cart Review

Like most other golf push cart, GCPro II is a three wheeler golf cart with a nice design. It has airless low maintenance tire. The surface is made of scratch resistant aluminum. So, it is lightweight. It contains a separate compartment for accessories, water bottle holder, a strong umbrella holder, and scorecard holder. To the user, it will be very useful.

The cart is constructed with the modern brake system. The brake is located next to one of the wheel. So, you can execute the brake with your foot. By using the brake you can stable the cart in a place, even it will stable in hilly place. The handle of the cart is adjustable. It can adjust up to up to 50 degrees and it is potential.

There is a push button on the top to fold the cart. It folds in a second. The folded dimensions of the cart are 32-inch long, 17-inch wide, 13-inch high. When it folds, it looks like a small suitcase. So, it becomes very easy to carry. Above all, it is an user-friendly cart with many handy facilities.

Important features:

  • Well designed and lightweight
  • Three wheeler cart with foot brake
  • One click to fold in a second
  • Airless tire and low maintenance
  • Contains separate compartments for accessories


  • Easy to assemble
  • Made of solid metal
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Automated folding system


  • Its height is a little bit high, so it may be difficult to use to short people.
  • To some people it is heavy.

Sun Mountain MC3 Golf Micro-Cart Review

This four wheeler sun mountain comes with great design and durability facilities. It is a lightweight and very comfortable to move with. First of all, the body of the cart is made of lightweight aluminum. So, it is not only light weight but also scratch free. Besides, it is quite strong. There is an adjustable handle which can adjust with a switch on the bottom of the handle. It allows you to obtain multiple heights.


You can fold and unfold the cart in two motion. The folded dimension of the cart is 26.5-inch height 14.5-inch wide, and 13.5-inch length. When you unfold the cart its height will be 23.5 inches. Much comfortable height for the taller person. You have to fold and unfold the cart manually. Its low center gravity provides internal stability. Moreover, the front axle of the cart is expandable. Even the front wheel can also expand up to two inches.

The solid foam tire will allow smooth rotation. No need to use air for the tire. Besides, the tire structure is very comfortable for easy movement both on grass as well on the hilly area. The cart provides bag bracket which will secure your bag without straps. Finally, it has compartments for keeping small accessories and drinks.

Important features:

  • Made of lightweight aluminum frame
  • Manually fold and unfoldable
  • Low center gravity
  • Foam made airless tire
  • Expandable front axle


  • Easy moveable and comfortable
  • Balance well
  • Lightweight


  • Manual folding system
  • No brake system

Founders Club Swerve Qwik Fold Golf Push Cart Review

Introducing Founders Club Swerve 360 Swivel 3 wheeler golf push cart with some user-friendly features. The most amazing feature of this cart; that has an amazing rotatable front wheel. It can comfortably rotate 360 degrees. So, the golfer can easily handle all types of terrain. Besides, when you need, there is hand lock to lock it in a fixed position. The tires are airless and rubberised. So, they are swift and move easily.

The folding system of the cart is great also. It has one step Qwik fold-up system. You can fold and unfold the cart in one second. The normal dimension of the cart is 58-inch length, 27-inch weight and  45-inch height where the folded dimension is 32-inch length, 18.5-inch weight, and 18-inch height. So, you can minimize half of the total by folding the cart.

The cart has a foot brake. So, it is easy to maneuver. Moreover, the design of the cart is pretty good. When you fold the cart, it seems like a bike. There is also some space to keep a water bottle, beverage holder, scorecard, and ball holder as well as the umbrella holder. You can keep your small accessories in the cart also.

Important features:

  • It contains Qwik one second fold-up system
  • airless and rubberish tire
  • The front wheel can rotate 360-degree
  • Space for keeping small accessories


  • It is a lightweight cart
  • The design is very catchy
  • Automated assembly system
  • It is very to execute


  • The compartment is not large enough
  • Sometimes it is hard to execute for newer

Paragon 3-wheelie GOLF Push CART Review

It is a three wheeler push cart with multiple features. Like all other lightweight carts, it is also made of full aluminum. So, the cart is rust free and super light. It’s folded, and unfolded design is also attractive. When you fold the cart, it will look like a toy car. As a result, it will be easy to carry the cart.


To fold the cart- you need to press the push button once. It will be folded in a second. So, the assembling process of the cart is easy. It has an airless tire, and those are made of rubber. And so, it can move smoothly. Besides, it has a 12-inch rear wheel to move and rotate the cart. It also contains the foot brake to stable the cart. Both are so useful to execute the cart accordingly.

It has an adjustable handle. You can increase as well decrease the size of the handle according to your need. The free cooler bag, umbrella holder, drinks holder, cup holder makes the cart rich and user-friendly. Hope, all these features will help you to execute the cart perfectly.

Important features:

  • It is constructed with wide and lightweight aluminum
  • One folding press system. It folds in a second
  • 12 inches rear wheel contains foot break
  • There is some space for small accessories


  • The cart is super lightweight
  • It has multiple features
  • The cart is easy to execute
  • It is very much user-friendly


  • It is little bit difficult for new user

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Over last few years, the golf push carts are getting that much popular than the motorized carts for a couple of reasons. These are cheap and portable. And, most importantly, these carts helps a lot the golfers to lead a healthy life. After all, you finiteness matters! There is no wonder, a golfer spends ample of time for finding the best golf push cart. As we said before, one should not buy this without scrutinizing the features of the carts. We hope our independent reviews regarding best golf push carts will help you a lot choosing the right cart for you.

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