Best Bowling Shoes for Beginners

In all over the world bowling is a very popular game. To play this game, the players need to have some basic elements or instruments like all other games. To play bowling perfectly,a nice pair of bowling shoe is very important. Without an awesome pair of shoe, you can’t match your footsteps on the track. For the beginners, selecting the shoe is more crucial. Although shoes will not make you professional, a perfect shoe will give you confidence and strength to play more which will help you to be professional.

Things to Consider before buying the Best Bowling Shoes for the Beginners

Before buying a bowling shoe you need to consider some facts and issues or some features of a shoe.

  1. Firstly, you have to understand how it is made of. Is it synthetic or textile built? A textile made shoe is more comfortable.
  2. Secondly, how it fits with your foot. Remember, a loose or tight fit will distract your mind from the game.
  3. Thirdly, you need to know the weight of the shoe. Lightweight shoes are always best.
  4. Fourthly, you should know about the slide of a shoe.
  5. Next, you also need to know about the sole. Because, if the sole is too high then it will disturb you at the time of playing.
  6. And finally, you should know either it has any ventilation system. Because, otherwise, may this will make you feel hot inside a shoe.

Best Bowling Shoes Reviews for the Beginners

This list is based on not only ‘ for the beginners’ but also ‘for the money’!

Brunswick Flyer Bowling Shoe

Brunswick Flyer is the best model that Brunswick has for all people. Generally, bowling shoes are precious and sometimes the beginners feel discouraged to play. You know how important the shoes are to play bowling. Brunswick Flyer means you have your shoes. This is the best shoe for the beginners under the price of 100 dollars. This shoe is very simple looking but is extremely effective.

The upper part of the shoe is made of durable soft synthetic. It has a comfit fit construction. The outsole is made of non-marking rubber booth feet has fiber slide pad and FlexSlide Technology. This shoe fits very nicely with feet and provides the energy and comfortability to knock down every frame.


  • Great shoe for best sliding.
  • This shoe is very comfortable and easy to wear.
  • Price is not too high.
  • Strong and scratch less shoe.
  • It is designed in such way so that it fits like glove.


  • For stopping, it is not very good.
  • Not so beautiful to look
  • It weighs a bit high.

If you are searching for any best shoe for you and within a budget of 50 to 100 bucks then this shoe is best for you. If you don’t have any big budget then you can try it.

Dexter Jack Bowling Shoe

Dexter Jack is a synthetic built shoe. This shoe is super soft and durable. The shoe is designed for best custom fit and it fits very well. The padded tongue and the collar is completely fabric lined. The horseshoe heel is exactly defined. And the outsole is made of non-scratch rubber. So, it reduces the chance to fall down in the time of playing.

Perfect custom fit has made this one very popular among the users. From collar to a padded tongue, it is lined with fabric.  Men and women can use this shoe and these are for both lefty and righty. The leather body allows the user to feel cold or relaxed inside the shoe. This speeds up the game and adds extra charm in time of playing. It has a good look on the ground also.


  • This is a very cheap shoe for bowling.
  • Leather made and very comfortable.
  • This is a best comfit design shoe.
  • Clearly defined horseshoe heel.
  • Can be used by both men and women.
  • Stylish model
  • Best fit on feet.


  • The bottom of the shoe is not flat.
  • Sometimes it causes stumble on the ground.
  • The sole is a bit sticky.

Despite some minor problems, this is an awesome shoe for bowling and really amazing. 100% comfortable and best-fit shoe. This is exactly what a beginner needs. The price is also right.

Mens Flyer Bowling Shoe

This is a KR Strikeforce product and it is the best-sold bowling shoe of this brand. Both of the left shoe and the right shoe has slide soles. This shoe is very simple but stylish also in some ways. Soft rubber is used in the shoe so that it remains comfortable to the users.

Exclusive synthetic is used to make this shoe so that it serves for a long time. To all the bowling players it is of a great value. It fits the feet of a user in such a way that gives the user a great relax. The sole of the shoe is also smart and very friendly for users when they move on the track. The upper part of the shoe has fabric line that makes the shoe stronger.


  • This shoe fits true to the size.
  • Lightweight and smart.
  • The slide is very smooth and it has no drag.
  • Cheap and strong shoe.
  • Made of high quality synthetic.


  • Sometimes it makes hard stops.
  • Quickly gets dirty.
  • Regular clean-up is needed.

This is a very good shoe for the bowling players in terms of fashion. Even if you know nothing about bowling shoe, you can use it without major concerns.

BSI Women’s bowling shoe

This is the newest collection in the ladies bowling shoe world. This shoe is beautifully made keeping the conditions of women. This is a smart and affordable shoe which all wome4n will love. Considering the color choice of women, it has 2 colors available. Black and pink.

The upper is made of high-quality leather. It has a collar and padded tongue. The upper part is lined wi9th fabric to make it beautiful and strong. Booth shoe has slide sole and that is glued to the lower surface of the shoes. The shoe is very lightweight and the sole is of EVA midsole.


  • Great fit at a comfortable price.
  • Cute and lovely for women.
  • Lightweight and colorful.
  • High-quality sports leather is used.
  • Two colors, black and pink.


  • This shoe runs big after some days use.
  • The feet are not totally flat and sometimes it creates pain.

If you are color sensitive and a fan of black or pink color then this is your shoe. The shoes are so cute and smart. It adds some extra value to your game and gives a different experience. You can use it and certainly without any major complaints but you should be careful about the size as it runs big after days of use.

Dexter Men’s DX22551 Bowling Shoe

Dexter Men’s DX22551 is a right-handed bowling shoe. This is just an awesome shoe. It fits clearly to the foot. This is made of durable and soft man-made upper. It is fully lined with fabric from tongue to the collar. The outsole is made of non-marking rubber.

It comes up with microfiber slide soles on each shoe. Good quality synthetic is used to make it and thus it is very comfortable to use. As an extra feature, it is not autofit. You can adjust the fit of this shoe. To accommodate a good and perfect run the shoe has a raised hill. This raised hill gives you extra energy to run on the track.


  • It slides in the correct spot.
  • The fit is just awesome.
  • Made with a quality synthetic.
  • The hill is raised.
  • Slide soles are made with microfiber.
  • Soft and comfortable.


  • Sometimes it causes to feel hot in feet.
  • These shoes are for right-handed people only.
  • Sometimes the non-slide soles peel off.

Any right-handed person can use it without any confusion. Because, what you will want from a shoe, all these things, this shoe will provide to you. If you are a beginner and if you know little things about bowling shoes then it can be a choice for you.

Dexter Kameron  Bowling Shoe

Dexter Kameron is a comfort canvas assembly. This is an exclusive shoe for bowling. It comes up with a modern outlook. The shoe is also very smart and comfortable to use. You can say, modern outside and comfort inside. Rather than synthetic, high-quality textile is used to make the upper body of the shoe.

This textile body gives a cold feeling to the user. The shoe is very lightweight and lined with fabric in the padded collar. This has universal soles.  Removable EVA footbed blown is used. The rubber outsole that is used in it is non-marking. The soles of both shoes are of microfiber slide.


  • You can grip anywhere you want.
  • These are of superior quality and works very well.
  • Modern and smart.
  • The upper body is made of textile.
  • Most importantly, it has a good ventilation system.


  • You may feel pressure from the back side of your ankle.
  • You need to be careful as this runs big.

If you want to have a bowling shoe that is low in price but high in quality then Dexter Kameron is yours. It is a modern and user-friendly model of a bowling shoe. It looks great on foot and gives a special feeling. If you use this, you will start loving it.

Brunswick  Vapor Mens Bowling Shoe

Brunswick gives full effort when designing any of its shoes. This bowling shoe is interchangeable. At the time of designing this shoe, biomechanical technology was used. This shoe is designed in such a way that helps the natural movement of the foot. This means you will feel completely natural feeling when using this shoe. This shoe is made of leather and is very soft.

The design is done in such way that gives the user a better standpoint and a cool feeling inside the shoe. The hills, the slide pads all the things are designed in a way to give ultimate comfort to the user. And as all other bowling shoes, it also has a very nice fit. This shoe is very strong and you need not think of changing your shoe frequently.


  • This is best for right-handed players.
  • Biochemical technology is used when designing this shoe.
  • The upper body is made of high-quality leather.
  • It is designed to help the natural movement of the human foot.
  • After all the scientific facilities this shoe is not of a big price.
  • This shoe is highly stylish and beautiful.


  • In some rare cases at the first time use this will show some problems but by the time this will be comfortable for you.

Exactly this is a fantastic shoe. It will increase your interest to play more. This is worth of the price that it charges. There is no chance to think about it. If you buy this once, certainly it will be the best shoe ever you had.

Blowing Shoes in Nutshell

Shoes are of great importance at the time of playing bowling. These are responsible for giving you a smooth and easy foot movement. For problems in shoes, you can be thrown out of the game or this can be very painful for your foot.

So, certainly, you need to be conscious when using bowling shoes. This was an unbiased list and reviews of best bowling shoes for beginners.We do believe this will help you.All these products are highly suitable for all the bowling players and particularly for the beginners, there is no alternative to these shoes.

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