Best Remote Control Golf Carts : Reviews of the best electric golf carts

Out there everyone is talking about massive golf cart or pull carts, but what about the Remote Control Golf Carts. We here to present you Best Remote Control Golf Carts Reviews.  Because of high maintenance and initial cost, the appeal and demand for electric golf carts have already faded. Now, the push carts are in the driving seat. But, you should add the taste of technology to your golfing experience. For that, within a reasonable budget, a remote control golf cart is an excellent option instead of the traditional push/pull carts. So, now we will review the best Remote Control Golf trolleys, that are getting love from the golfers. So, let’s jump on it!

Best Electric Golf carts reviews

Before going to the review part, we want to share with you that the writing team had researched that much on to find which is the best electric remote control trolleys. And , we have found these two carts actually great to own. Here go the reviews of best remote control electric golf carts.

Bat-Caddy X4R Electric Golf Caddy Review

The Bat-Caddy remote control electric golf cart is entirely controlled by a remote controller. The design of the cart will attract you. The black aluminum on the surface of the main body of the cart is eye-catching.The structure of the cart made it elegant. It is one of the best user-friendly electric golf carts. Both the front and rear wheels have rubberish tires, which are entirely airless. They roll smoothly, and on the movement, they don’t make any kind of noise. The brake of the cart is also super.

You can control all of its movement by an easy functional remote controller. The auto-assembles, left-right turning, moving forward or backward- all these functions can easily be controlled by remote control. Moreover, you can control it manually for regular use. It’s “Time forward advance option” will allow you to control it timely. Even you can control its overall speed from a remote distance.

The cart has two 200W motors to roll the cart. A rechargeable 12V Lithium battery is used as the source of power supply. At the outer space, the GPS holder is located, which helps the remote controller to command the cart. The maximum speed of the cart is 9.6Km/Hour. It comes with an umbrella holder, Scorecard Holder, Cup Holder and a rain cover to protect the cart from rain. Its maximum loading capacity is 77 Lbs.

Important Features:

• All the major functions of the cart can be controlled via the remote controller
• A rechargeable battery is used as the power source
• The cart can move at the speed of 9.6Km/h
• There are two 200W motors to roll the cart


•The cart is extremely lightweight, it weighs only 24 Pounds
• The cart is made of durable material
• It is easy to operate


• The height is a little bit larger. So, it’s a bit difficult for the short people to operate

Spitzer RL150 Lithium Powered Light Weight Remote Control Golf Trolley Review

This three wheeler electric golf cart is manufactured with advanced Lithium ION power and Spitzer golf cart technology. The Lithium ION technology offers you high power and 75 percent lighter conventional lead-acid batteries. The cart comes with easy rotational front and rear wheels, which are completely airless, and the tires of the cart are rubberized as well. Lightweight and durable aluminum is used for manufacturing the outer surface. SPITZER RL150 is fully rush resistant.
It has two tubular motors for smooth movement. You can control its routing and speed from the distance of 20-30 yards. It can move to all directions, even it responses to reverse command. Like other electric golf trolleys, it has a rechargeable battery. The cart is compact, and it can quickly move over the smooth surfaces, even on the tough hilly track.


The remote allows the user to start and stop, move forward or reverse, turn left or right and fold in or out. Besides, you can control the speed of the cart easily. It has space for small accessories, like water bottle holder, umbrella holder, scorecard holder etc. You will be provided a rain cover to protect it from rain.

Important features:

• This cart is made of rust free material
• It can be fully  controlled by remote control
• The cart contains two powerful motors to move it
• It has a rechargeable battery as the source of power


• The battery of the cart is extreme powerful
• Easy executable function
• It responses to all type of commands
• Wheels and body of the cart is very durable


• Remote controller is not that powerful; it can only cover up to 30 yards
• it takes little bit time to expand

Spin It Golf GC1R  Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart Review

The Spin It Remote Controlled Electric Golf Cart is one of the best remote control electric golf carts. It comes with some cool features. First of all, it is made of rust resists stainless steel with lightweight aluminum mixture. It is well designed and easy to use. The rollable tire is airless and rubberised. So, when it moves, it doesn’t make any noise or sound. Besides, the dual 200W motors to control the speed of the cart.

The cart is controlled from a remote distance. Its remote signal is very high. The remote controller has different options. You can control its every step even the folding and be unfolding. The speed and the roaming control option offers you to control the cart’s overall movement like left or right rotation even the reverse movement.
It is very handy to fold or unfold the cart. Its brake system is quite strong and effective. In it, there is a 12V-33Ah rechargeable battery. So, You don’t think about the power system of the cart. Lastly, there is an umbrella holder and water bottle holder to carry umbrella and water bottle.

Important features:

  • It is made of potential stainless steel and aluminum
    • Control over remote controller
    • It contains dual 200W motor
    • There is rechargeable 12V-33Ah SLA battery
    • All the tires are rubberised and airless


  • It is nice structured and well-designed
    • The cart very easy to use
    • The cart is lightweight. So, it is comfortable to carry


  • At the beginning, you may face trouble to turn left and right

Final Words

In a nutshell, we can say for a comfortable golfing experience; you should go for any of these remote controlled golf carts. If you are looking for a cart to easy your journey with your kid or wife at the golf course, just take a breath, and you can go for any of these carts. Hopefully, your new remote controlled golf carts will give your superb experience. Here we are stopping by for best remote control golf carts reviews; you also can check best golf cart bags to manage your golf cart.

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