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18 04, 2020

Golfing During COVID-19 And Staying Safe

April 18, 2020|Golf|

Guide To Golfing During COVID-19 Some could call it negligent, others may call it typical. In these days of COVID-19, or the coronavirus, there are those that continue to venture out of their houses to play the game they like, golf. While some believe the sporting activity continues to be safe, being played outdoors in the sunshine as well as with people spread throughout greater [...]

4 03, 2020

Let’s Have A Pause Where Golfing Meets Hunting

March 4, 2020|Golf|

Let's Have A Pause Where Golfing Meets Hunting You are a professional golfer. On the other hand, you are that much enthusiastic about hunting. Here comes a perplexing point to you. You are thinking that why should I have such passion for both of these. Is that abnormal? Okay, we don’t think so. Rather it’s quite normal to have a great keenness for both of these stuff. So, if [...]

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