Golf Cart Roof Buying Guide

When is it time for a brand-new Golf Cart Roofing on your cart? What’s the best brand name of roofing? What dimensions are Golf Cart Extended Roof covering sets supplied in? How much do they set you back? We’re covering all of it in this handy write-up!

Today we are most likely to speak about the only point in between your head (and also your guests’ heads) and the components above: your golf cart roofing system! Golf cart roof covering substitutes and our golf cart extended roof covering sets are just one of the most popular purchases our customers make to modify their cart right. Gradually, your golf cart roofing will normally fade as a result of constant UV direct exposure. A fresh new manufacturing facility roof, or a longer custom roofing system in a cool shade can totally change the look of your cart, and also can also offer your travelers a much better general riding experience.

All you need to make a decision is exactly how you’ll be using your golf cart a lot of the time, to make it clear what type of roof is best for you:

  • Manufacturing Facility Sized Roof Covering: Made use of with 1-2 passengers on the golf course or around your building
  • Extended Roofing: Made Use Of with more than two guests (1-4 overall), on a 4-seater cart or carts with a back seat kit set up

Manufacturing Facility Substitute Sized Golf Cart Roof

All golf cart tops are developed with built-in channels as well as drains, to redirect rain from the top of the golf cart to the ground. All you need to choose is if you want a cool custom-made color for your manufacturing facility roofing system substitute.

Yamaha Golf Cart Extended Roof Buying Overview

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These days, individuals utilize their golf carts for far more than golfing. Most of our clients utilize their carts around the community, at their lake homes, at large centers, or as light energy vehicles on their residential or commercial properties. And also when using your cart off the course, you generally have the need to bring more travelers; implying you will include a golf cart rear seat to your cart! But lugging even more travelers with a supply-sized (54-inch) roofing system can mean your back seat passengers are getting baked in the sun throughout the day, or taken in the rainfall throughout inclement weather conditions.

However, there is a very easy way to protect your rear-seat travelers from the sun and all sorts of weather conditions from above; and that is an extended golf cart roofing system.

The majority of expanded roofing systems for golf carts come in a universal 80-inch dimension, which will be enough to cover anything in the back seat of your golf cart. However, there are several kinds of extended roofing systems:

  • 80-inch golf cart roofing system– Universal fit
  • 84-inch golf cart roof covering– Universal fit
  • 88″ golf cart roofing system– If you like the personalized appearance of a much longer roof covering (and also wish to make sure your guest’s toes do not get wet!).
  • 120″ roof.

Many prolonged tops will certainly fit all golf cart models (and also will certainly consist of the appropriate installation hardware, roof covering supports, and so on).

Golf Cart Roof Rack.

When utilizing your cart off the course, you usually have the need to bring more passengers and also more individual products with you: indicating you require extra storage space to do it! However, it is not constantly simple to bring even more passengers and also your freight at the same time. Most golf cart back seat kits nowadays are “folding” back seats, that can likewise function as a cargo bed that permits you to haul a load of stuff, but removes your two rear seats when being used. But what regarding when you need to take 4 passengers AND freight with you? Solution: a Golf Cart Roof Shelf.

Most golf cart roofing racks are provided in 52″ dimensions (52″ x 32″ x 5″) to make sure that they will certainly fit on any typical golf cart roof covering (which implies they likewise fit on extended roofing). Simply make certain that the roofing system rack you are purchasing is created for your particular roof covering type.

Golf Cart Roofing Supports.

Golf cart roofing sustains (likewise referred to as struts) are uninteresting, however essential. They support/hold up that golf cart roofing system over your head!

There are a couple of areas where golf cart roofing system supports come into play:.

Your golf cart comes with manufacturing facility roof sustains that might need to obtain replaced if they are bent after a crash occasion, or because of excess weight being placed on the roofing system.
If you add a back seat kit to your golf cart, the package will sometimes consist of brand-new back roofing sustains to work with your new rear seat (although some seat sets reuse your manufacturing facility supports).
Custom-made Golf Cart Covers, cover tops, extended roofings, etc– might consist of or call for the personalized roof covering sustains or brackets.

Golf Cart Roof Light Bar.

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One more golf cart roofing accessory we can not neglect to discuss is a roofing system placed Golf Cart Light Bar!

Golf cart LED light bar kits to provide your cart a whole brand-new function when driving throughout low visibility/ night. Routes, as well as courses that made use of to be too harmful to go across (due to tree branches, or other unsafe blockages), can now be quickly browsed also when it is pitch black outside!