Harley Davidson Golf Carts – A Quick Background

harley davidson golf cart parts

When someone states Harley Davidson, we think about bikes. And also, why not? The Harley Davidson’s name is synonymous with motorcycles in a way that nothing else producer is, as well as the firm has actually been making motorcycles considering that the turn of the last century.

But do you know Harley Davidson likewise had a special line of golf cart manufacturing? The firm is globally renowned for its iconic motorbike, but the majority of are uninformed of its amazing golf cart line that started in the 60s. Although they no longer generate golf carts, you may locate one on the market made use of or have one already. We will also go over Harley Davidson Golf Cart part availability in the current market.

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Background of Harley Davidson Golf Carts

First, allow’s check out the history of Harley Davidson golf carts.

Beginning of Harley Davidson Golf Cart in 1963

In 1963, William Davidson joined the business, and Harley-Davidson got involved in manufacturing golf carts. They began with the three-wheeled designs. These distinct LSVs shared the same style till the 1970s, when an extra tire was added to some models, as well as a new fuel resource was introduced.

The earliest golf cart models made use of a 245 cc dual-cycle single-cylinder air-cooled engine that blended oil with gas equally for small automobiles.

In 1969 Harley Davidson Produced the Electric Golf Cart

Harley Davidson stopped making carts in 1969 due to the fact that the American Equipment & Factory Business (AMF) acquired the brand name. Prior to AMF offered the LSV division, an electric powered golf cart called the 1969 Harley Davidson Electric low-speed automobile was made. This three-wheeled cart had sufficient storage area behind the bench seat, a solitary headlight, as well as a designed steering wheel.

To figure out if a Harley cart is a 1969 electric design, examine the digits of the serial number on home plate situated near the battery. If the first four personalities are XXDE, it is a real 1969

Harley Davidson Electric golf cart.

Harley Davidson LSVs Came in 1970

By the 1970s, the golf cart supplier differed electric golf cart models. In 1971 the company updated its name to AMF. Golf carts were first labelled with the AMF logo in 1972. Under the AMF tag, 2 gas-powered golf carts were developed, one with three wheels and another with 4.

Along with changing the gas resource and also wheel count, the area of the serial plate was changed. If the code begins with 3B, it is a main Harley Davidson gas-powered golf cart. If not, other codes might be compared in this write-up.

harley davidson golf cart parts

harley davidson golf cart parts

1981 Was the Year of the Harley Davidson AMF Golf Cart

Harley Davidson Electric-powered golf carts with an identification number beginning with 4B are the last models made by the original manufacturer and AMF. Consequently, the 1981 golf cart models are very demanded by enthusiasts. So, if you find the AMF logo on the body, you can mature your cart between 1972 to 1981.
1982 Harley Davidson The Same Level Automobile Golf Cart

In 1982, Columbia The same level Auto bought a golf cart division from AMF and a little customized the engine’s pistons. Columbia Par Car is one of the significant suppliers of gas and electric golf carts as well as continues to make golf carts. So if you locate the piston dimension is larger, you can think their age to be around the moment they were purchased by Columbia The same level Auto.

The three and also four-wheeled carts came furnished with a 250cc, two-cycle gas engine till 1996 when a 4-cycle Briggs & Stratton 9hp Lead engine came to be slandered. The body’s design switched completely to 4 wheels, which could be viewed as the end of the Harley Davidson cart production.

The Standard Harley Davidson Golf Cart Version

Throughout the years, Harley Davidson designs have actually reoccured, but the ‘Classic’ body design, with the deep, raise back body, is popular. It initially looked like a three-wheeler in 1963, as well as later on a four-wheeled cart was made. The distinct attribute of the three-wheel Harley Davidson golf cart was the tiller steering take care of. The tiller was the guiding bar made use of as opposed to a guiding wheel.

The whole rear body raised as well as pivoted rearward to expose the entire engine compartment. The three-wheel Harley Davison golf cart was common on any kind of fairway in the late 60’s as well as throughout the 70’s. Harley Davidson manufactured the golf cart for 19 years, and also the traditional body style transformed extremely little over the years.
How to Locate the Year of Your Harley Davidson Golf Cart?

Individuals curious about the Harley Davidson Golf cart need to know just how to read the VIN (Automobile Identification Number). There are various methods, like an easy identification number plan or the solenoids in your electrical engine. The simplest means to recognize the age of your Harley Davidson golf cart is to use the serial plate. Generally, this plate lies someplace on the back wheel of the cart.

The lorry identification numbers of many very early Harley Davidson and also Columbia golf carts are placed into a metal plate just over the back tire onto the cross support. Later golf cart models will have numbers located behind the batteries on the wall surface of the battery box.

The electric golf cart design DE40 as well as MG IV are under the motorist’s side seat just to the back batteries on the transverse structure participant. These 36-volt electrical designs, made in the late 70s and also very early 80s, had ‘8D’.

Starting in 1970, the initial two personalities show the model, and also the last two personalities show the year of manufacture numbers. ‘HO’ suggests the car was made in 1970, ‘H9’ suggests 1979, ‘JO’ suggests 1980, as well as ‘J1’ reveals 1981.

Later on in 1982, the designated years of manufacture altered to a ‘C,’ so a ‘C2’ was made in 1982, ‘C8’ recommends a 1988 model. The prefix later ‘D’ in the last two characters suggests the decade of the 1990s.

Harley Davidson Golf Cart Today

Harley Davidson golf carts are currently a traditional item of maker background and taken into consideration a worthy prize to be acquired, as well as numerous enthusiasts take satisfaction in recovering them. Although restoring these classic golf carts is not always very easy. Many Harley Davidson golf cart components are rare as well as difficult to find, so excellent research study is needed to bring the carts approximately their traditional problem.

The Worth of a Harley Davidson Golf Cart

Valuing the Harley Davidson golf carts today is tough as most carts will certainly remain in a problem of repair work or disrepair. The majority of them are offered to purchase online, at auction, on Craigslist, as well as some dealers market them also.