Choose The Right Golf Cart Charging Port For Your Cart

golf cart charging port

golf cart charging port

Look at your current charger

First things– initially. When your golf cart battery charger quits working you will require to establish why. It is also vital to recognize since it is not constantly the battery charger that misbehaves. There are a great deal of common problems that can trigger your golf cart battery charger to stop working.

Check the fee

Most typical are points like the AC power supply has actually been interrupted. (Power Surge, blown or popped fuse or breaker ), DC side voltage to reduced– Meaning the batteries in your golf cart are so low the battery charger does not know it is also connected into your golf cart to start to charge. See our frequently asked question for more detailed details on this circumstance as well as how to treat the situation.

Examining cables

If these are not common problems associated with why your battery charger is not functioning you will need to move on with your search. Pete always suggests checking the conductor cables between batteries. They are all connected to create the consolidated power supply for your golf cart. If one misbehaves or shed link with the batteries it will create every little thing to stop working. So if your golf cart is not moving anymore this could be the wrongdoer. Or can simply be the cables going from the charger receptacle to the batteries on the cart where you plug in the charger
Picking a new charger.

After these standard searches have been done you can presume the most awful (your charger is dead) as well as currently you need to begin trying to find a replacement. Points to know before you begin the search.

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Guide To Golf Cart Charging

golf cart

What year, make and design golf cart do you own?

If you do not know you will certainly need to learn what kind of golf cart you have. The large 3 makes are Club Car, Ezgo and also Yamaha. There are numerous ways to identify the make and version. Generally you will certainly locate some kind of branding or badging on the golf cart. The identify the year or model particularly you will normally be able to discover a serial number sticker (On Club Cars above the pedal set up under the dashboard or on the guest side dashboard assistance upright– which looks like a white sticker label with a barcode on it) Ezgo carts you can usually discover an identification number plaque inside the traveler side handwear cover box location. Yamaha depending upon the year and design are normally someplace under the seat in the battery or engine hold location.

Note– this action is usually only called for to see to it you get the right battery charger for the Club Car carts that make use of the rounded 3 pin charger adapters due to the fact that some carts (between 1995 and 2014 have a OBC or Onboard computer system to inform the charger when to activate and turn off).

What is the operating voltage of your golf cart?

This is quickly figured out by looking under the seat of your cart as well as counting batteries and also cell caps.

For example if you count 6 (6) batteries and each battery has 3 (3) round caps on each you will certainly currently recognize those are 6 volt batteries. So 6 x 6 volts = 36 volt system. So you would certainly need a 36 volt golf cart battery charger. (The voltage of the cart have to match the voltage outcome on the charger you buy.).

On 48 volt golf carts some feature 4 (4) batteries which are 12 volts each. Or 6 (6) 8 volt batteries. Once more this can be established by the individual cell caps on each battery. A 12 volt battery will certainly have 6 and a 8 volt battery will have 4. All golf cart batteries are consisted of 2 volt cells. So being a 6 volt battery will have 3 cells, as well as a 8 volt battery will certainly have 4 cells after that finally a 12 volt battery will have 6 cells.
Confirm and compare the adapter the you will link into the golf cart billing port.

Generally you can figure out all thee over by just knowing what connector your current golf cart battery charger uses. Though is important to check by looking under the seat and also counting batteries to be sure. This is primarily since the majority of people purchase the golf cart made use of and also do not actually understand what the previous proprietor did to it. We have seen many times where a consumer had a battery charger that utilized a 36 volt plug on a cart that was converted to 48 volts.

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Popular Connector Shapes or Styles and what they stand for.

Club Car Golf Cart Battery Chargers have either a crowsfoot adapter which suggests it is older and also came as a 36 volt golf cart. or a round three (3) pin connector which means it is a 48 volt golf cart.

Ezgo golf cart battery chargers will certainly additionally utilize a crowsfoot port which indicates it is additionally an older cart and also 36 volts. But they also utilize what is called a D36 or TxT connector that is rectangle-shaped designed and rounded on one side with 2 rounded pins one inside each of two ports in the front of port. This is also a 36 volt adapter utilized on the prominent TxT design golf cart. Now if you have an Ezgo golf cart that has a rectangular 2 pin adapter with a slot removed right down the middle or a triangular 3 pin port you have a more recent style 48 volt golf cart.

Yamaha golf cart battery chargers are likewise found with a crowsfoot connector which indicates it is once more an older cart as well as 36 volts. (Prior to 1990 alot of the golf carts made where 36 volt systems and all made use of the crowsfoot port system.) But normally Yamaha golf cart today are all 48 volt systems. One makes use of the Nabson plug adapter which looks like a fisher price set of plaything field glasses. 2 pin design. Or the newer Drive carts came with a 3 pin connector that looks kinda like a three leaf clover. or some say a square with rounded sides. in any case these are 48 volt systems.

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What if you can not discover the port on the battery charger or see that it is wired directly to the batteries on the golf cart?

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No Fears. This simply means your golf cart has what they call an Onboard battery charger. So you will require to either find the battery charger itself as well as review the requirements off the battery charger or count the batteries and the cell caps as defined in this article above. In any case it is still not big of a task to replace the battery charger in your golf cart. Many are extremely simple and easy to set up as well as utilize. Most typical today are the Delta Q brand chargers found in onboard applications on carts like the Ezgo or the Tomberlin brand name golf cart. Lester electrical actually has a fantastic new onboard battery charger called the Summit Collection II which also includes Bluetooth connectivity. So times are transforming and also the golf cart battery charger of yesterday is practically gone as firms make more recent safer extra effective chargers. Which is great for the golf cart proprietor because some are even made to charge or preserve your batteries while you are away on vacation or in other places for long periods of time.