Summer Season Maintenance for Golf Carts

Summertime is here, and also with it comes sweltering warm, high temps, and some rather intense moisture! We all understand that it’s important to take care of ourselves by utilizing sunscreen, wearing sunglasses, as well as staying hydrated throughout the hot summer months, yet did you know that your golf cart needs unique focus during the summer season as well?

Whether you just utilize your cart on your neighborhood golf links or it’s your main ways of transportation around, there are some unique steps you require to take to keep your cart in great form throughout the summer months.

Take a look at our top ideas for preserving your golf cart during the  summer:

Summer Maintenance Tips For Your Golf Cart

1. Make certain you schedule your normal upkeep.

Many issues that accompany golf carts can be avoided, or at the very least caught early, by having actually yearly maintenance carried out on your cart. The start of the summer is a great time to schedule your upkeep and also have things like your guiding, suspension, and also circuitry had a look at. Luckily, Sunlight Enjoyable has a committed solution department that’s right here to help you whenever you need it!

2. Check your tires.

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Temperature level changes can create the air pressure in tires to rise and fall unexpectedly. Ensure your tires are filled up based on the manufacturer-recommended stress. It’s a great method to check your tires every week approximately because reduced air pressure and high temps are a dish for a dangerous tire burn out.

3. Keep your cart covered.

Other than inadequate weather condition, having your golf cart revealed to the components, specifically the sun, can cause damages. Especially, you want to maintain your cart in the shade or covered in some way to shield the paint task, as direct sunshine can trigger your paint to discolor. Another way to shield your cart’s paint task is to keep it tidy as well as washed as well as utilize a producer suggested golf cart wax on it once in a while.

4. Tidy your batteries.

You want to keep the link between your batteries as well as your cart healthy, so keeping things because location clean is essential. Ensure you check for dirt, yard, and other debris that could be jeopardizing your link. You should additionally check for deterioration and, if you locate any kind of, disconnect your batteries prior to cleansing it off with a paste made from water as well as cooking soda.

5. Watch on battery water levels.

Hot summertime temps mean faster dissipation rates. You must examine the water levels in your batteries once per month, specifically during the summer. If the levels are less than the lead layers inside the battery, you’ll require to fill them up. Make sure you charge your batteries totally prior to ever before including any kind of water. When billed, include distilled water up until the level of the water is 1/4 to 1/2 inch over the lead plates.

6. Care for your brakes.

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In addition to your normal golf cart maintenance, you must additionally look at your brakes a few times a year. Make sure the pads remain in good condition as well as keep them, and also your drums, cords, and also brake pedal clean. If you’re fretted about the wellness of your brakes or are experiencing any odd noises or activities originating from them, publication your solution appointment with us so we can have a look!

7. Inspect your oil.

Make sure your oil levels are in good condition. If they aren’t, or if you have actually discovered an unwanted of oil outside of your cart, you could have an oil leak. Reduced oil can create major damage to your cart, so it’s a problem that’s best dealt with faster rather than later.