Golf Push Carts Vs Golf Pull Carts : Which Is the Best Choice?

Nowadays various types of golf carts are available in the market. But, within the budget, the most popular types of golf carts are “Golf Push Carts” and “Golf Pull Carts”. Today, we will try to clear the vague, when , which golf cart you should go for.One thing we should mention here if you want to lead a healthy life and burn your calories both types of carts are good.

Golf Push Carts Versus Golf Pull Carts: Which Is the Best Choice?

The history of golf pull carts is a bit old. It was around 1940 when the first golf cart was introduced. But, during 2002 the golf cart was introduced by the Company Bag Boy. Since then these are that much popular to the golfers around the world.

This company never believed that this invention will create a revolution in the golf industry. However, the appeal for golf pull carts is also noticeable.

It’s a bit true that the golf push carts are more flexible to walk around the golf course. Pushing is easier to most of the golfers than, pulling. Nevertheless, many golfers find ease at pulling. So, more research had done, and now we have remote controlled golf carts, maximum of them have the feature of both pushing and pulling, which is pretty awesome! You can use these types of carts at any mode, anytime.

Now, what made the golf push carts easy to use. Most of the golf carts available in the market come with 3/4 wheels, which gives the cart flexible, smooth experience while pushing. Even, on the rough surface, these types of carts just rock. On the other hand, lions share of the golf pull carts depend on two main wheels, which sometimes gives a bit obstructive experience on the course. The scenario gets worse on the rough surface. Over that, the golf push carts have more capacity to carry stuff.Whereas, you can’t carry that much with pull carts.

Most golf push carts can carry all the necessary instruments like- clubs, balls etc. Nowadays, your small gadgets are given space to reside in the carts.


So, what?

Which is the best option (Regarding user experience)?

Our vote goes to “golf push carts”!


So, let’s wrap up why golf push carts are the nice choices for a golfer-

-Flexible to use


-Can carry many things

-Easy to operate

-Runs smoothly even on the rough surfaces


Okay, we think, now you know what made the golf push carts awesome.So, let us know, which cart you have or you are gong to buy.

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