Top 10 Golf Courses In The US

One of the most elegant games on this planet, yes, we are talking about Golf. In this post, we will be taking to the top 10 golf courses(Golf playing ground) in the USA.  If you think, a golf course that should come in the list, just let us know, by commenting down below. Let’s get started with the list-

Top 10 Golf Courses in the USA

Here goes the list by our unbiased ranking. These coursed have been ranked in descending order.

1 .Pine Valley Pine Valley, N.J. George Crump

This golf is regarded s the best golf course in the USA and even all over the world. It is located in New Jersey. Some novice golfers from Philadelphia founded this course in 1913. This private type golf course has the rating of 75.2.

2 .Cypress Point Pebble Beach

Another awesome course founded in 1928 and private in nature. It has the rating of 72.4. The 15th, 16th and 17th holes of this course are regarded as the best holes of the world!

3.Shinnecock Hills Southampton

This course from  Southampton, NY, was established in 1891. WHich has hosted US open 4 times? 74.5 is its rating.

4. Augusta National Golf Club

Another private golf course situated in Augusta, Georgia and Founded in 1933. During this year it was opened for the golfers.It has 72 par and rating around 78.This course is also famous for “The Big Oak Tree” in it.

5.Pebble Beach Pebble Beach

We have another course from California. This is located beside the Sea, and have a soothing view.Having no elevation, this course was founded in late 18th century.

6. Oakmont Oakmont

Oakmont Oakmont is regarded one of the old superb golf courses in the USA, which was established in 1903. This course bears the rating of 76.9. This is especially famous for the slope.

7.Inhabitant Golf Links of America Southampton

In the 7th position, we have this course from Southampton, New York also. The Length of the course is  6873 yards and have the rating of 73.6. This had kicked off its journey in 1911 and hosted Walker Cup in 1922, 2013.Just because the course is in a pleasing place it is called “America’s snootiest golf course”.

8.Pinehurst (No. 2) Pinehurst

One of the oldest golf courses in the USA started its journey in 1895. This course has hosted many prestigious tournaments so far. And, loved by the professional golfers.The course rating is 68.5 and slope 118.

9. Merion (East) Ardmore

The east course was founded in 1912, where as the west one is 1914. Bearing the course rating of 73.5 this course have 70 pars.

10.Sand Hills Mullen

The last one in our list is Sand Hills Mullen golf course. This is 7,089 yards long , which have 71 pars. and which was founded in 1995. But, this is one of nicest golf courses.

So, this was all about from us about top 10 golf courses in the US. Share with us which one is the most loved golf course by you. We can talk it over.

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