Best Golf Cart Batteries Reviews [2018]

Are you in search of the best golf cart batteries? Thank goodness, you’re reading the right article. This piece will broaden your knowledge on the things to consider when buying a golf cart battery and we will also review the best golf cart batteries available in the market. Furthermore, we’ll also recommend some battery maintenance tips to ensure your golf cart’s battery lasts long.

Now you know these important considerations while buying the best golf cart batteries, let’s proceed to the real deal, the review part!

What are the Best Golf Cart Batteries?

Let’s have a quick glance on golf cart battery comparison chart –

Trojan T-105

  • 6V
  • 62 lbs
  • Long Lasting
  • Rating 4.8/5

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Amstron GC2

  • 6V
  • 68 lbs
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Rating 4/5

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  • 6V
  • 72 lbs
  • Great for Price
  • Rating 4.3/5

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Best Golf Cart Batteries Reviews

For this buying guide, we will have our close look on the top rated three golf cart batteries and their features, prices as well as ratings and cycles. It is important to note that most golf cart batteries can also be used on boats, campers as well as tractors. However, you should use them with care. Make sure they are properly maintained.

1.Trojan T-105 6V Golf Cart Battery Review

The Trojan T-105 battery offers the better value than any other golf cart battery, but it’s the most expensive golf cart battery in the market.

What makes it special?

The Trojan T-105 produces 6V or 225mAh of power and is rated 25 amps at 447 minutes. This T-105 will last as much as 7 hours per single charge if you use it at 25 amps per minute. It’s imperative to also mention that its life cycle is pegged at 750 cycles, the best available in the market. But that doesn’t make up for its weight.

The battery is pretty heavy, weighing about 28kg or 62 lbs. It, however, makes up for its weight by offering enough power and battery juice to keep any golf cart going. Housing the battery is an enclosure with dimensions measuring 10.30 x 7 x 11 inches.


  • Long lasting battery life, thanks to Trojan’s signature Maxguard and Alpha Plus technology.
  • Nice for solar usages as well.
  • Runs through Flooded Lead Acid, which promises to give utmost service.


  • It’s pretty heavy.

Conclusion: The Trojan T-105 golf cart battery comes with peace of mind. It’s long lasting and the cycles are the highest in the market. Buy Trojan T-105, buy value!>>> Check Latest Price <<<

2.Amstron GC2 6V AGM Golf Cart RV Battery Review

If you’re on a budget, then the Amstron GC2 AGM golf cart battery is the perfect option. It weighs 68 lbs, a tad more than the Trojan T-105 which weighs 62 lbs. The Amstron GC2 was built using the AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology found on the T-105 which ensures longer battery life. You don’t have to worry about replacing the batteries for a long time to come.

The battery’s cycle is well over 600 which is the recommended average for most batteries. It measures about 10.2 x 7.1 x 10.8 inches.


  • Very affordable
  • Long lasting cycle with over 210000mAh battery juice.
  • AGM Technology ensures the longevity of the battery.


  • It’s as heavy as its counterparts.

Conclusion: One of the reasons why we recommend the Amstron GC2 6V AGM battery is because of the fact that it’s affordable and has enough battery juice to last as long as possible.>>> Check Latest Price <<<

3.VMAXTANKS 6V AGM Golf Cart Battery Review

The VMAXTANKS 6V battery is a battery that provides users with maximum usage life of about eight to ten years. It comes equipped with state of the art AGM Technology that ensures long life.

The VMAXTANK battery is maintenance free, so you’d need not worry about adding water every now and then. It measures about 9.5 x 7.5 x 11 inches and weighs just 72 lbs.



  • Long lasting battery life
  • AGM Technology that ensures optimum output
  • The size is moderate enough.


  • It weighs much more than the others

Conclusion: The VMAXTANKS 6V golf cart battery is made to provide and sustain power to your golf cart for just a little token. We believe the company ships it with maximum satisfaction guaranteed.>>> Check Latest Price <<<

To begin, we’ll take a look at…

Things to Consider to find the best Golf Cart Battery

  • Your type of golf cart: The first thing to consider when shopping for a new golf cart is the type of golf cart you use. Is your golf cart electric or gas powered? The batteries each of these type of cart uses differ. Using a battery made for a gas powered cart on an electric golf cart may likely reduce the battery’s life and cause damages to the cart.
  • The rating of the battery: Golf cart batteries are rated either 6V or 12V. It is important to buy a golf cart battery that meets the specifications of the manufacturers of your cart. Buy the required number of batteries that would produce the maximum amount of power needed by your golf cart.
  • Life Cycle of the battery: Another factor worth considering is the life cycle of the battery. We’d recommend buying a battery with over 600b life cycles. Don’t forget to take a look at the minutes per amp range. For instance, a battery may be rated for 475 minutes at 25 amps. This implies that the battery will last for 475 minutes if you use it at 25 amps.
  • The price of the battery: To ensure you get the best value for your money, we recommend that you check the prices of the same battery on different websites. When you’re done doing that, head over to the local shops in your area and take a look at their prices. You will definitely save a dollar or two.
  • Avoid buying used batteries: New golf cart batteries don’t cost much, hence we recommend that you buy new batteries instead of used ones which seem a lot cheaper. If you must, buy from reputable dealers who will give you a warranty – this applies to purchasing new batteries.

6 volt Golf Cart Batteries vs 12 volt Golf Cart Batteries

Why do electric golf cars use 6 (six) 8V batteries instead of 4 (four) 12V batteries? )

We have to have our curious mind behind the concept of golf cart batteries, how they are made and run.

Well,  here’s the simplified answer.

Other than the voltage of both batteries, there are stark differences between either of them.

An 8V battery often found in golf carts is often generally regarded as a deep cycle battery and is required to be used up to a certain low level before it would be recharged. On the other hand, the 12V batteries often found in automobiles must remain constantly charged to the brim for it to work efficiently.

Moreover, the amount of power supplied by a battery to the motor of a golf cart’s engine makes it either spin fast or slow.

Since standard golf carts are designed to travel at speeds of only 15 miles per hour, this implies that their motors don’t spin fast unlike the modified golf carts with speeds of up to 25 miles per hour.

Other factors that account for the use of 8V batteries instead of 12V batteries include the weight of the batteries. 12V batteries weigh more than the 8V batteries and as such aren’t often considered during production.

Aside from weight, the cost of fitting a 12V battery into a golf cart is clearly higher than the cost of fitting an 8V battery into the same golf cart.

Most golf cart owners don’t need a lot of power and mileage range in their golf carts, hence the frequent use of 8V batteries which have short mileage range per charge as compared to the 12V batteries with longer mileage range per change.

One thing, you can check out our comprehensive list of the best golf push carts in the market!

How To Test A Golf Cart Battery

Often times, you may have some kind of feeling that your battery isn’t good anymore, and you want to be sure before buying a new one… Below are a few ways you can test your golf cart battery to make sure it is still working.

  • Use a load tester: One quick way to test your golf cart batteries is by using a simple tool known as a load tester. This load tester is a voltmeter which has a simple DC heating coil connected to it.

Connect the load tester to a partially discharged battery and it will display the battery’s voltage after you must have pressed a button on it. If the battery drops more than .5V in the reading that appears on the load tester, there’s a great likelihood that the battery is failing.

  • By using a hydrometer: If you have a hydrometer around, you can simply use it to test your golf cart battery. However, it’s not as easy as using a load tester. If you have no prior knowledge, then you should take it to an expert.

Have you chosen the battery that meets your criteria? If you have, then you need to read the next part to know how you can clean your cart to make it long lasting.

How To Clean A Golf Cart Battery

Aside from the build quality, one of the secrets to having long lasting golf cart batteries is proper maintenance. There are certain dos and don’ts of golf cart batteries you must know to ensure longevity.

Here is a quick guide on how to clean your golf cart battery

Generally, most battery producers will include leaflets (in the packaging) on how to maintain the battery. Please, don’t throw those leaflets away. It is important to follow a manufacturer’s instructions for optimum performance.

  • Buy protective clothing for yourself: This is the first thing to do if you’re contemplating on cleaning your golf cart battery. Since batteries are filled with acid, exposing your eyes or any part of your body to it will cause serious health problems.
  • Have enough water running nearby: This water will come in handy if acid from the battery splashes on you. The water will help neutralize the acidity. You’ll also be needing the water for some mixing.
  • Get baking soda and water: Mix some baking soda and water and spray it on the battery. Use a paint brush if necessary to brush off the dirt. If the dirt still sticks to the body of the battery, spray the mixture and leave it for some minutes before brushing off again.

That’s all.

If for any reason you’re not comfortable with doing the cleaning yourself, hire someone to do it. If you don’t have any protective clothing or eye goggles, please DON’T attempt to go near the battery.


1.How much are Golf Cart Batteries

The price of the golf cart batteries varies on the basis of voltage and capacity. On an average a golf cart battery costs from 100 to 400 USD.

2.How many batteries in a golf cart

An electric golf cart may have 4 to 8 golf cart batteries in it, depending on the cart.

3.How to test golf cart batteries

You can test your golf cart battery either by a hydrometer or a load tester.

Final Verdict

Knowing the type of golf cart you own, the specs of the battery, your budget and a handful of other factors, will simply help you choose any battery from the aforementioned golf cart batteries. Ensure that you maintain the battery according to the manufacturers’ specifications alongside with some of the tips we shared. Do this, and you’ll have a long lasting battery that will diligently serve you all the days of its life.