Best Golf Pull Carts For The Money [2018]

Ever seen a golfer dragging something along with him on the course? It’s a “golf pull cart”. They have a minimal design and also budget-friendly price. In this article, we will review and compare the best of best golf pull carts available in the market.

Things to Consider To find-

The Best Golf Pull Cart for the Money

It is important to consider a handful of factors before you decide to purchase a golf pull cart. Let’s find out what these factors.

  • Your Budget: The first thing to consider is the amount of money you have at your disposal. One of the many reasons why golfers buy golf pull carts is – they are that much budget friendly.  Additionally, the lesser the price of your pull cart, the lesser the tax.
  • The brand: Various brands produce different designs of golf pull carts. The brand you purchase from speaks tons about your taste and status. So if you ca.
  • The size and type of wheels: Depending on the topography of the golf course you often frequent, the type of wheels on your may make navigating the course
  • The color: Get the color that suits your personality.
  • Foldable: A foldable golf pull cart is a must have. It should fit perfectly into your car trunk and allow some space for your bag.

Well, know you know these things. Here’s are six carts that made it to our list.

Best Golf Pull Carts  2018- Comparison Chart

Before we jump on to the main part, have a quick overview on the top rated golf pull carts-

Name of Cart Features Latest Price
Stowamatic Lite Trac Aluminum Golf Pull Cart Simple design, sturdy aluminum frame, foldable, removable wheels, lightweight  Check
Bag Boy M350 Cart Compact design, strongly built, foldable, removable 9.5-inch wheels, weighs 10 lbs  Check
Tgw 2-Wheel Pull Cart One step collapsible mechanism, compact design and rugged steel frame  Check
Intech Tri Trac 3-Wheel Pull Golf Cart Bottle holder, sturdy frame, weighs 13.2 lbs, no one step folding mechanism  Check
Bagboy 2015 Ricksha R-3000 Pull Cart Removable and maintenance free EVA tires, weighs 15 pounds, foldable, adjustable handles  Check
Stowamatic Stowaway Super Compact Golf Pull Cart Removable wheels, easily foldable, lightweight and strong frame  Check

Best Golf Pull Carts Reviewed

Now, it’s time for the individual reviews of each pull carts-


Sporting a simple and ergonomic design, the Stowmatic Lite Trac Aluminum Golf Pull Cart gets the job done better than any other pull cart. The cart’s frame is made from aluminum and quite frankly, it looks sturdy enough. Need we say that it is lightweight?
For some of you reading this, you might think the Stowmatic Lite Trac looks cheap. It does look like it was made with some cheap materials, however, it’s strong enough to last you a couple of years if it’s maintained properly.

It weighs just about 7.2 lbs and measures a 34.8 x 9.5 x 8.5 inches. It folds easily and fits into the car trunk effortlessly. The wheels pop off and fit back into place nicely. This is very important as it reduces the overall size of the cart when folded. Unfolding it is pretty simple too. You need to take extra care not to break a nut that is a vital part of the unfolding mechanism.
The cart comes with a score sheet and a golf ball holder for quick access during a game. Other than the fact that the Stowmatic Lite Trac’s bag holding straps are not so strong, they have no other issues.


  • Sturdy design with aluminum frame and it’s lightweight.
  • Nice foam wheels keep it moving smoothly.
  • It’s very affordable.
  • Easy to fold and unfold.
  • Wheels can be easily detached and added back.


  • The straps that hold the golf bags in place aren’t very strong.
  • Cart can’t stand straight with the bag on.

Conclusion: The Stowmatic Lite Trac Golf Pull Cart is the recommended choice if you’re looking for a better alternative to the very popular carts.>>> Check Latest Price <<<

2.Bag Boy M350 Cart Bag

Now you may say, Seriously, it’s not a bag? It’s a golf pull cart made by one of the most trusted companies in the world. The Bag Boy M350 measures about 10 x 13 x 36 inches and weighs 10 pounds, a tad above the Stowmatic Lite Trac.It offers top notch comfort and looks just as cool as any other Bag Boy golf product in the market. We couldn’t help but wonder if their CEO is cool!

The Bag Boy M350 is equipped with state of the art 9.5-inch tires that ensure smooth rolling on and off the course, no matter the terrain. A close look at the tires shows they are strongly built. The tires are also removable making the cart more compact when it is folded.

The folding and unfolding mechanism of the device is very simple. Just a few pulls and you’re up and running.The handle on the Bag Boy M350 is adjustable. You can easily adjust to your height and lock it in place.

Unlike the weak looking straps on the Stowmatic Lite Trac, the Bag Boy M350 has strong straps that grip your bag tightly. It also comes with additional basic features like a deluxe score sheet holder and a built in tee and ball holder.


  • It can be easily folded and unfolded.
  • Removable tires.
  • Compact design and rugged frame.
  • Adjustable handle
  • Strong straps to keep your golf bag locked in place.
  • Score sheet, tee, and ball holder.


  • Doesn’t stand straight with the bag on it.
  • Weighs 10 lbs.

Conclusion: Save for the weight which can make it a not so good option for elderly golfers, the Bag Boy M350 golf pull cart knows will definitely put a smile on your face when you purchase one.>>> Check Latest Price <<<

3.Tgw 2-Wheel Pull Cart

Tgw isn’t a household name when it comes to golf carts. But the Tgw 2-wheel golf cart from the company has endeared itself to many. It features a steel frame built to hold the bulkiest golf bags you put on it.It’s pretty lightweight, having just about the same weight with the Stowmatic Lite Trac. The Tgw 2-wheel pull cart sports a ball, scorecard and tee holders for easy access during games.

The wheels aren’t as large as the 9.5-inch ones on the Bag Boy, but they certainly get the job done. The cart measures 34 x 9 x 11 inches.

Folding and unfolding the cart is simple. In fact, the Tgw – 2 wheel cart features a one-step collapsible setup and folding mechanism which gets it up and running in a jiffy. The nylon straps look quite strong and hold the bag firmly, but there’s no way to tell if it’s really strong.

Unfortunately, the handle can’t be adjusted. It does, however, fit most average height users.


  • Compact design.
  • Strong frame and firm all terrain wheels.
  • On step folding mechanism.
  • Comes with the basic features; score sheet holder, tee and ball holders.


  • The wheels aren’t removable.
  • Nylon straps don’t look as strong as they are advertised.

Conclusion: The Tgw 2-wheel golf pull cart gets the job done with little or no effort. Take advantage of its one step collapsible feature and enjoy your game.>>> Check Latest Price <<<

4. Intech Tri Trac 3-Wheel Pull Golf Cart

If you’re not so interested in owning a 2-wheel golf pull cart, then we will gladly recommend the Intech Tri Trac 3-wheel Pull Golf Cart.For many, this cart serves as a crossover – a hybrid cart in terms of usage. The proprietary 3 wheel design on it makes it stand out easily.

To start with, the Intech Tri Trac golf cart has one fantastic feature which none of the aforementioned carts have; a bottle holder. There’s absolutely no reason why you aren’t going to enjoy your game whilst sipping on soda or water.

The nylon straps hold your bag firmly while the anti-slide trodden tires provide a smooth ride. It, however, weighs about 13.2 pounds which in our opinion is heavy, to say the least.


  • Gives you the test of a perfect a golf pull cart and push cart.
  • Folds and unfolds easily.
  • Bottle holder for your drinks.
  • Strongly built tires that make navigation easier on the course.


  • Lacks one-step folding mechanism.
  • Pretty heavy.

Conclusion: No other three wheeled golf pull cart can make the game as easy and as enjoyable as the Intech Tri Trac 3-wheel Pull Golf Cart.>>> Check Latest Price <<<

5.Bagboy 2015 Ricksha R-3000 Pull Cart

The Bag Boy 2015 Ricksha looks pretty much like an airport trolley with two large oversized wheels which makes it move smoothly over any course. The wheels and the handle are removable. This makes it easy for the cart to fit into your car trunk. Additionally, the tires are maintenance free.

The cart measures 34 x 20 x 10.5 and weighs about 15 pounds, a little bit more than any of its closest rivals.

Your golf bag is held firmly in place by the Velcro straps as you trudge along from hole to hole on the course. To provide more comfort, you can adjust the handle to three different heights.


  • Maintenance free EVA foam tires
  • Removable wheels and handle (handle is also adjustable)
  • Large wheels provide balance on the move.
  • Velcro straps hold your bag firmly in place.


  • The design isn’t compact.

Conclusion: If you’d love to stand out from the crowd as you play your game, the Bagboy 2015 Ricksha R-3000 Pull Cart will certainly help you do that. Like the saying goes, don’t always go with the crowd.>>> Check Latest Price <<<

6.Stowamatic Stowaway Super Compact Pull Cart

Weighing almost the same as the Stowmatic Lite Trac, the Stowaway Super Compact Pull Cart will surely steal your heart away.It’s incredibly simple and unique design makes it compact when folded. It is easily folded and unfolded, thanks to the unique effective folding mechanism.

The Stowaway Super Compact Pull Cart measures roughly 23.4 x 10 x 10 inches and comes with a scorecard holder, double ball holders, and a tee holder.

The tires provide the needed traction to make navigation on the course easy no matter how hilly it is. And oh, the tires are detachable. Cool, right?


  • Detachable firm wheels that make movement easy.
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Scorecard, tee and ball holders.
  • Folds and unfolds easily.


  • A bottle holder wouldn’t hurt.
  • It lacks an adjustable handle.

>>> Check Latest Price <<<

Final Verdict

Some of the factors, we’ve mentioned can easily help you determine which one you should go for depending on your preferences. It is also important to note which type of carts the golf club you frequent allow. This is important because some golf clubs have running partnerships with brands, and wouldn’t like to breach their agreements with any brands.

This is important because some golf clubs have running partnerships with brands, and wouldn’t like to breach their agreements with any brands.The golf pull carts, have two wheels and at most three, and have the minimal design.

Choose the cart that meets your requirements, let us know by commenting down below.