Best Golf Travel Bags Review With Wheel

While you are moving with all of your golf equipment one place to another place, you need a golf travel bag. Because having the best golf travel bag will help you to remain to organize throughout the journey and to keep your full concentration on the game once you go to the course.

Before Choosing the Best Golf Travel Bag/Cover


Choosing a Golf travel bag which does not sturdy enough, although it may price less, is just no go for you. While traveling sturdiness actually matters. So, before buying the bag/cover you must know, what the product is made of first

Wheel and Maneuverability

Here comes the most crucial consideration. Because you need a golf travel bag mostly for carrying the golf stuff easily.So, while going through the airport you need a golf travel bag/case that is mobile enough.

There are wide range of Golf Tavel Bags there without wheel and with the wheels. Frankly speaking, there is no need to go for a golf travel bags that comes without wheel. You will just find disturbance while dragging it with you.


Next, you always need to think about the budget. You much need to look for a bag that comes in the range of your budget. Underneath here we have some cool bags within budget option.

Best Golf Travel Bags Reviews

Now, here we are going to review the major golf travel cases and bags respectively. We have broken down each review into overview, pros, and cons so that you can take the buying decision easily.

1.Sun Mountain Clubglider Meridian Review

While it comes to an ultra durable and super maneuverable golf travel bag, Sun Mountain Clubglider Meridian will be always ranked one. In fact, the ClubGlider series from Sunmountain just rocked over the years. But, This bag is the best performer of this series.

To open the bag there is a zip that goes from top to bottom.

This 4 wheel golf travel bag has sufficient cushion for placing your golf clubs and other necessary traveling gadgets. This multifunctional bag has a super portion on its upper side.

Core specs

  • Size 52” X 14” X 14”
  • Weighs 11 lbs
  • Made of – ballistic-style nylon fabric


  • The stands help it to roll easily.
  • The mechanism of Leg helps to move smoothly.
  • It comes with TSA-approved lock to provide high protection.
  • Can weigh around 50 pounds.


  • Although it has for wheels, sometimes they don’t release smoothly.
  • A bit costly

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2.Club Glove Last Bag Travel Bag Review

This is another golf bag to travel with. This durable golf travel cover can hold golf club length of 47″.

The zipper system with this bag is cool.  YKK zippers are bestowed on this bag.There are  Two zippered pockets for holding the necessary tiny gears.

Club Glove actually knows how to protect your clubs. So, they have introduced extra-thick foam padding inside the bag for securing the clubs from unwanted damage. The bag can stand alone even when it is loaded and perfectly can be fitted into the car trunk.

Core specs

  • Sizes 14 x 14 x 19 inches
  • Weighs Less than 10lbs
  • Made of Water Resistant Polyester


  • The wheel system doesn’t make any problem while rolling.
  • Highly reliable zippers.
  • The stiff arm provides additional protection to the clubs
  • Have extra room for all the basic golf gears
  • Extremely lightweight


  • The plastic used along with nylon fabric.Some people doest find this cool.

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3.OGIO Golf 2017 Straight Jacket Travel Bag Review

Next, OGIO Golf 2017 Straight Jacket Travel Bag , which is quietly within the budget.

This bag can be easily opened and closed within a matter of seconds. It has a large compartment for stopping the golf clubs and other gears. This bag is perfect for those who want large roomy travel bag.

Like other golf travel bags, mention above, it will roll smoothly with you during the trip.

Core Spes

  • Weighs 8 ounces
  • Size – 43.3 x 13.8 x 13.8 in
  • Made of Nylon (Well coated with cover)


  • This golf travel case is mostly padded to protect from damage.
  • There are urethane wheels to roll the bag evenly.
  • There are pockets for managing other gears like shoes.
  • Rigid cover, that protects every bit of stuff kept inside the bags.
  • Comes within the budget range.


  • Looks a bit bulky.

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Importance of having a heavy duty Travel Colver

Say, for example, you are off to the most desired golf trip in your life and arrived safely. Unfortunately, your favorite golf equipment got wreck. Then, how will you feel then? No doubt, then, your dreamy tour will also get broken.

Additionally, it is nearly impossible to manage all of your golf stuff, if they are scattered while traveling to somewhere.

So, to protect and easy carrying your golf equipment you should own a golf travel bags.

Before making the trip you may have a cool backpack. Here you may see the best-rated travel backpacks.

Final Verdict

That was all about from us regarding best golf travel bags reviews. Now, you know, what to keep in mind while choosing a golf travel bag and you have in the top rated top rated golf travel bags above. So, the Bootcamp is done, it’s your turn. Go for a golf travel bag which meets your criteria.