Top 3 United States Golf Courses That Give Camping Facility

Traveling through the USA to go camping or RVing as well as playing golf, then stop at one of these top golf courses. The special thing about it is you can be at your campsite and play a round of golf if you so choose. You could spend every minute relaxing at and meet the other vacationers or residents of the park as well.

In fact, they offer the top of both worlds. RV camp facilities and golf courses combined make for a great vacation or getaway. They not only cater to the golf lover but have the natural environment. They’re not only RV-friendly, but they have some well-maintained 9 or 18 hole golf courses with the ability to have your camping facilities for your RV.

Top 3 Golf Courses in United States that give Camping Facility

According to many golf magazines and news sites, these are the top 3 golf courses in the United States with camping facilities. You’re sure to find delightful landscapes and challenging links embedded like emerald gems in perfect little pieces of paradise, just awaiting your arrival.

  1. Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort

Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort in Casa Grande, Arizona, offers a beautiful lush landscape and “par 3 championship golf course.” Palm Creek Golf and RV Resort is one of the top golf courses in the USA that give camping facility.

Not only will you have your full RV hookups with a patio pad for a great night of bbqing in front of a fire pit, you’ll enjoy the desert oasis with splendid mountain views. It’s located north of Tucson’s historical district so sight-seeing is another option for travelers. There are many things to do there besides camping and golfing, but for the time being, golf is the main attraction for golf enthusiasts.

At any rate, the well-manicured lawns make the course a luxury to play on and when you decide to go “tee off,” the golf rental pull-carts are available too. (It’s a walking golf course which is good for the sport overall.) Besides, you have all the time to relax when you go back to your base camp after playing a round or two.

Additionally, you’ll find a retirement community and condo-style resorts, but the RV camping site is available for those just traveling through. You’ll be able to meet the “regulars” or the “newbies” and share your golf stories.

Here are some of the amenities offered:

  • Full hook-up including 50 amps.
  • Patio pad
  • TV with Cable access
  • Water
  • Sewer and electricity.
  • Wi-Fi service (by DISH).
  • 2 pets are allowed once approved by the manager.
  • Year round sports and activities see calendar on site.

(One of the rules though is your RV, travel trailer, and 5th wheels must be 10 years or a more contemporary model. Naturally, if you call the manager and speak to him/her before booking about this, exceptions can be made.) In fact, because of these rules, like many other major golf courses in the USA that give camping facilities, Rangers escort you to your campsite. Therefore, travelers must have a tow vehicle when they visit. There is a maximum of two vehicles per guest allowed.

Other offerings

When morning comes, there are burritos and pastries for breakfast. In addition, there’s the offering of grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, and barbecued sandwiches in the afternoon. All in all, you’ll have plenty to do and you’ll enjoy the beauty of the surroundings at the Palm Creek Golf and RV resort. A place to relax and play golf in one of America’s gorgeous landscapes.


Finally, get ready to play golf and go camping at one of the top golf courses in the USA that give camping facility. Call (800) 421-7004 or go to the reservation request page and submit the form here, The Palm Creek Golf and RV resort is located at 1110 North Henness Road, Casa Grande, AZ 85122.

  1. Gold Canyon RV and Golf Resort

The Gold Canyon RV and Golf Resort in Gold Canyon, Arizona has one of the premier 9-hole executive golf course with all the amenities you’ll need to camp in your RV and get the chance to play some golf at one of the states of the art golf courses.

There are different RV sites to camp at The Elite RV site and the Deluxe RV site.

The Elite offers a very nice landscape near a Palm or Sissoo tree. You’ll be able to enjoy your meals on the patio table. Additionally, there’s the concrete 40 x 16 patio and include with this rate is the internet and the cable.

The Deluxe offers a 7 x 30 or larger pad with an average size site of 38 x 40. It includes the water, sewer and trash services plus the site offers various locations. You can view the gorgeous Superstition Mountains or camp out at the golf course or near the spas or swimming pools. In fact, with the Deluxe offer, you’ll have room for your car and more room to entertain friends you meet or guests. Storage for your “grown-up toys” such as your ATV is also available at this rate.

Nevertheless, the RV campgrounds can accommodate 45 ft. motorhomes including Class A and Class C, plus it has room for fifth wheels and trailers that are 26 ft. and up.

Landscape and environment of Resort

The beautiful landscape is mesmerizing at night. For some entertaining, there’s patio tables and seating around some spacious concrete patios. When you decide to go play some rounds at the executive golf course at the Gold Canyon RV and Golf Resort’s grounds, you won’t miss the view of the Superstition Mountains plus the clubhouse pool. Additionally, you can pull up your camping coolers if you and your guests decide to have a cold one(s) during your stay at your camping site. Our recommendation is to bring coolers that come with wheels, as it’s more convenient to carry it around.

It’s an ultimate feeling to be able to play golf with others or if you decide to simply play a quick one in between other things that the resort has to offer.

  • TV and cable access
  • Wi-Fi available
  • Tennis courts
  • Fitness center
  • Swimming pools
  • Spas

Reasonable camping and golfing

The golf course and RV camping site is a favorite in the USA because of the golf course and the camp grounds all along with the sports that are available. Although, you may want to call beforehand to reserve your spot in playing. Or you can go back to your campsite and get ready for another beautiful day of a natural landscape and open a beer or beverage and enjoy the environment the resort has to offer.

Contact info

It’s recommended to call the clubhouse before you plan on playing a round of golf, or for questions. After October 1st, call between 7:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (MST) to (480) 288-3775. It’s located at 7151 East US Highway 60, Gold Canyon, AZ 85118. Go to this page for RV rates at

  1. The Springs at Borrego RV Resort and Golf Course

The Springs at Borrego RV Resort and Golf Course is in the beautiful Borrego Springs, California. It features a 9-hole championship golf course and is the perfect place to camp at in your RV and enjoy playing golf as well. The weather is splendid and sunny annually or at least more than 300 days out of the year. This makes it perfect playing golf and camping as well. You can enjoy wheeling out a camping cooler full of your beverages and crack open a beer or cold beverage while you play or sitting out and enjoying the sun. (The average temperature is 73 degrees Fahrenheit or 22.7 degrees Celsius.)

Some of the top offerings

The RV site has the full amenities you’ll need to enjoy your stay. In fact, here are some of the many things you can do besides golfing.

  • Full hookups with 90 pull-through / 70 back-ins.
  • Massages in the wellness center.
  • Loans of various sports equipment.
  • Famous mineral baths
  • Dog parks!
  • Gift shop
  • Water and trash services
  • Electricity
  • Propane refill station

Go to the rates page of Springs at Borrego here,

Add’l services

Between the months of November through March, you’ll be able to enjoy the camping hosts with some old fashion hot dogs and s’mores!


Before you plan your camping trip, call to make reservations at The Springs at Borrego RV Resort and Golf Course at (760) 767-0004. The golf and camping resort is located at 2255 DiGiorgio Road, P.O. Box 70, Borrego Springs, CA 92004. (source: Likely Place)


When you plan your next camping and golfing vacation, remember these three. With one of the top golf courses in USA that give camping facility a whole new meaning in relaxation and playing golf!