Why Golfers And Fisherman Are Weirdly Allied [REAL LIFE STUFF]

A few days earlier we had written a post on – how you can fish on your Golf pond. Of course legally. You can read it here. But, what had striven us to come up with such an article. Actually, we do believe the golfer and fishermen are allied greatly! Can’t read core story? Hold, we had just explained here why we do believe so.

Let’s get onto it-

Why Golfers and Fishermen are Allied

I have noticed these days many of my Golfing buddies are getting more and more adventures. One of my fires, Robert, with whom we were on the course of years, now he is running a blog Adventure Gears Lab.

So I asked him, what made you distract from the course. And I was not prepared to hear what he said :p He just replied: “Bro, come on, we are damn allies, golf is just a brother from the same mother of fishing!”.

Okay, that didn’t make sense to me at that time. And finally, we had a long discussion. Eventually, I was satisfied with him. Now, I will be highlight Robert’s perception about Golfing and Fishing.

There are thousands of Golfers there are enjoying their holidays in the wild. Like hunting and fishing. As we always do believe to perform perfectly on the course you need to be mentally cool and sharp. Any kind of outdoor activity will definitely boost up your confidence and quality of Golf.

Robert mostly emphasized on one single word, which is ‘Patience’. It is widely known that the most wanted skill for Golf is Patience. Without it, you can’t do a bit of the course. Unlike all other games, in golf Patience matters a lot.

By the way, if you have any fishing experience, then, you will disagree with me. Basically, that’s true. In Fishing Patience plays a more critical role. You can get the perfect groom of patience from Fishing!

Did you know the golf super sarts, like Tiger Woods, didn’t miss the fishing experience whenever they go for a Golf Trip! What makes so hungry to fish? It’s not the fishes :p but, the mental peace and patience learning, which boost them to cut a good figure later on.

  • Later Robbert discussed some interesting facts. both in case of Golfing and Fishing, the commence of the journey is peaceful, but, after a while, the game turns into red and more competitive. You know a golfer’s bad day is called Nancy, surprisingly, it is also similar to Fishing.
  • In both of these cases, one single moment can change the whole scene. You made an awesome precise shoot and beat the buddies on the course, the day gets yours. In fishing, you may face “no fish” status all the day and in the evening, the unexpected mammoth lovely fish came to you! Yeap the day get yours in that case also.

Now, dear golfers, now I think you got the message from golf. If you love Fishing, that’s nice. It will definitely help your Golfing journey in the long run. Keep crashing on the course. Happy Golfing.