Reviews of The Best AC Unit For Your Golf Cart

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Why Buy FresAir

What makes it better than the rest?

golf cartPut simply, it’s a 12v Golf Cart Air Cooler as well as also our pride and joy. What makes it better than the remainder is its state-of-the-art engineering. Having an evaporative air conditioning system with not just an effective and also forceful wind, but likewise chilly air and temperature reductions of as much as 40 ° F. Typically, conventional cooling systems demand high power whilst running on the cooling agent. Our golf cart air cooler can be powered through the automobile’s existing battery as well as keeps reduced power consumption– we’re chatting about 10 amps drawn per hr on max power.

The system itself is extremely slimline at only 3.7 ″ tall however loads a strike with 4 adjustable vents and our latest wise control board guarding the system. It not just looks fantastic but is additionally a completely environment-friendly technology, even filtering system dirt and also pollen out of the air maintaining the vehicle driver’s health our leading priority.

Why is it BETTER than the rest?

We have actually produced a whole patented roof-mounted air conditioning solution that works as a standalone system that’s effective enough to keep you cool down, yet peaceful sufficient to run frequently!

The system functions by forcing air through a damp fibrous organic anti-bacterial, anti-fungal yearn filter which is after that triple filtering system and flowed with faucet water from a remote covert reservoir. This indicates no moisture is produced.

When developing the Fresair, we concentrated on COMFORT.

  • Low 12v 10A power usage
  • Supplies COOL not wet air
  • A low sound, stealth
  • Runs on water, not gas

We’ve made a listing of all the factors, we understand you’ll like our Fresair Golf Cart Air Conditioning System.

Low Power– Fresair runs <10A/h at full power (examinations check out approx 7A/h) which is just somewhat greater than a straightforward fan.

Light Weight– Weighing in at only 25lbs you’ll be much less top-heavy.

Low Profile– The system has a reduced streamlined profile of 3.7″.

Flexible Ceiling Vents– The interior control panel has 4 directional air-craft style vents to guide air where you need it. Aim vents in the direction of the head and chest for optimal cooling.

Powerful Air conditioning– Temperature decline between ambient temperature level and vents can get to -40 ° F! Usually at 85 ° F ambient temperature, you will see 20 ° F +decrease. The hotter the environment the bigger the drop.

Air Flow– WARNING: The airflow on the full force will actually blow your hairpiece off. This is absolutely nothing like a regular fan, the airflow is extreme.

Eco-Friendly– Working on the water as well as battery power alone also triple-filtering the air and running tidy, Fresair is your eco-friendly power solution.

Runs Dry– Advanced evaporative cooling modern technology supplies awesome air, not wetness. With a fan-only mode, you can likewise simply keep air moving without air conditioning.

Reservoirs– With 2 tank options, an 8L under-seat battery sized (inspect if you have room) or a 5L concealed storage tank with a remote fill spout (generally placed under the wheel well). At peak usage, Fresair will certainly make use of under 1L of water per hour.


Comparable to typical 12V DC Air Conditioners the Fresair 12V DC Air Cooler is a trademarked evaporative cooling unit that creates remarkable cool air as well as a powerful wind on minimal power draw when you need it one of the most.


Fresair is conveniently made to use very little power from your 12V system to create an enjoyable wind also during the best desert-like days.

Utilizing its integrated pump, it circulates conservative amounts of faucet water from its storage tank (included) through an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal organic want filter to produce humidity-free air conditioning and also comfortably suits a range of applications. As an added benefit, the pine filter even helps to filter dirt and plant pollen out of the air. Put mic drop below.


Unlike standard air conditioning systems that demand high power as well as run on a cooling agent. Fresair operates on routine faucet water and is powered by the lorry’s existing battery, drawing very little power and also giving cooling down to the customer of as much as 40 ° F+ degrees! It does just what a Fresair 12V DC Air Colder must do– maintain it cool.

What sets it aside from other 12V DC Air Conditioners is the cooling result which is produced by dissipation and also is a triple filtering system, feeling completely dry, unlike a common “overload” cooler or misting system. The device itself is very slimline at only 3.7 ″ high however loads a strike with 4 adjustable vents as well as our most current smart control board safeguarding the system.